The Touch RailThe TouchRail replaces the key stop rail in virtually any grand piano to provide substantial touch weight reduction.  Adjust TouchRail height to change the entire keyboard, then dial in note-to-note consistency for each key with the micro adjusters.   With a maximum range of nearly 20 grams* of down weight reduction,  the TouchRail can make even the heaviest action feel lighter and more comfortable.   With hundreds sold world wide,  piano technicians are taking notice of how the TouchRail can satisfy their customers.


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Crown Voicing Kit


 For precision voicing in the string grooves.   Comes with 3 strengths of hardeners,  voicing needle, chalk and felt chalk eraser.

Just add solvent (acetone) and shake to create fast drying hardener that can be applied along individual string grooves in the hammer crown.

This precise application method gives brightness where needed with minimal drift into other areas of the crown, such as the soft pedal region or neighboring string grooves.


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