Introducing the new Crown Voicing kit for precision string groove voicing. Now you easily and precisely voice in the string grooves without affecting the shift position voicing.

Comes with 3 Strengths of Hardener each with
chisel edge brush for accurate application.
Add solvent to activate.

Flex Voicing Tool  made with rubber construction
for a comfortable grip. Hex key is provided for needle replacement.

Chalk and Eraser Felt all packaged
in a sturdy metal tin with instruction

Voicing the tip or crown of the hammer requires careful, accurate placement of needles and hardener solutions.


BrushingHARDENER- the crown voicing kit includes bottles of pre-measured hardener, in 3 different strengths, with chisel-edge brush applicators.

Just add solvent (acetone) and shake to create fast drying hardener that can be applied along individual string grooves in the hammer crown.

This precise application method gives you brightness where needed with minimal drift in to other areas of the crown, soft pedal region, or neighboring string grooves.

No more use of eye droppers or hypo-oilers hardening the whole crown when you don’t need to.   Hardening with this method both reduces time and the amount of work required in the over all hardening procedure, as well as adds precision where you need it most.







FLEX VOICER- the rubber grip of this voicing tool bends to conform to most any hand position.  Great for controlled and exacting placement of the needle into hammer string grooves and soft pedal regions between the grooves.

This tool is particularly effective for vertical pianos where conventional wooden-handle tools won’t fit.


Mark your keys with the CHALK and easily erase with the FELT ERASER.  Essential tools for accurate marking and cleanup during the voicing procedure.  Leaving the piano in a clean and professional manner.

Chalk and Felt Eraser



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