We appreciate your past business and interest in our innovations for piano technicians. Our TouchRail sales continue to grow and we look forward to another busy season. We are happy to announce our newest product: DIALaPRESS.
DIALaPRESS combines multiple pressing operations into one elegant tool. It easily extracts key leads, grand hammer shanks and action center pins, all in a compact, portable work station. Itís an invaluable tool for your shop or even on site during service calls.
The Press rod extends through the top of the press.  Press with the handle and tap with the hammer to extract tight and stubborn key leads

The deck extension tools makes a precise and easy extraction of grand hammer heads
Center pin slides out effortlessly and are collected in the lower tray
Three interchangeable tips, conveniently stored on the press top surface, allow you to quickly and easily perform multiple tasks. 
Install key leads with ease
Includes a rugged and durable tote to keep everything to gether. 
DIALaPRESS will be featured in the JULY PTG Journal and will debut at the upcoming national convention in Chicago, July 10-14. The introductory retail price will be $325 plus shipping ($15 U.S, $45 International). DIALaPRESS is not yet available for sale to the public.

But you can order in advance



emailing CustomerService@PitchLock.com

calling:  (814)883-7213