July Profile: John Cavanaugh, RPT

John Cavanaugh, RPT  is director of Piano Technology at Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, Ohio, a position he has held since 2001.   From 2007 to present, he has also served annually as concert technician at the Aspen Summer Music Festival in Aspen, Colorado. John has installed seven TouchRails into both performance pianos and home instruments.

“Whether for rehearsals, recitals or recordings,  the TouchRail allows me to “dial in” a variety of downweight resistances suitable for the wide array of preferences our musicians possess.   After the TouchRail has been installed, pianists are amazed by how even the action feels, the ease with which they can control it and by how quickly I can change touchweight between performances.” 


June Profile: Gaetan Perrin, RPT

Gaetan Perrin, RPT studied piano technology on three continents with manufacturers Fazioli, Steinway & Sons and Yamaha.  For 25 years, he was head technician at the University of Montreal.


 “The TouchRail should be renamed  the MagicRail or WonderRail!  It solves action geometry problems – very appreciated when the client has budget restrictions.  It will improve the performance of any action.”



April Profile: Frank Strnad, RPT

Frank Strnad, RPT  European and American trained concert technician and rebuilder, Frank is also pursuing a doctorate in music performance and pedagogy.  He lives in Santa Monica, Ca.  where he has included TouchRails in five recent action upgrades and restorations.


“The TouchRail enables me to produce refinements in the down weight of a piano without having to alter key-leading, at minimal cost to the customer and  maximum cost-effectiveness for the technician.” 



March Profile: Radek Baran

Radek Baran completed a 5 year factory         apprenticeship in his native Poland before working in New York City and Toronto where he is now the Chief Concert Technician for Remenyi House of Music.    He has successfully  installed several     TouchRails into area performance pianos.

“Fine touch weight reduction has always been a     problem and the TouchRail does it very well… One of the best inventions of the past few decades in Piano Technology-simple and very effective!!!”




 February Profile: Roy Berg, RPT

Roy Berg, RPT services pianos in NorthEastern  Minnesota.  He recently installed a TouchRail into his family Chickering grand piano.


“This piano has been a challenge for me. Both my wife and I would feel the tension creeping up our arms when playing for any period of time, and now we just DON”T have that problem.  I have worked with many different remedies on this particular piano, but with the TouchRail, I finally accomplished my goal!   My family is comprised of a technician, a piano teacher (my wife) and an accomplished pianist (my son).   Everyone is happy with the result.  Thanks for such a practical solution! “


This article was published in the December, 2011 Journal of the Piano Technicians Guild.  It is reprinted with permission from the editor.

John Chapman is Chief Piano Technician at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, NC.


Chapman TouchRail Article





December Profile Larry Lobel, RPT

Larry Lobel, RPT serves clients in San Francisco and northern California.

Here’s a simple jig he created to improve his TouchRail templates.

“Align the edge of this jig to the edge of each key to create accurate marks on your tape template.”

Learn how to to create your own 5-minute template/order.





 November Profile Arlan Harris RPT

Arlan Harris, RPT provides professional piano service to clients in New York City.    His international service schedule regularly takes him to South America.     Having successfully installed  9 TouchRails,  he offers this tech tip: 

“Prior to installing the TouchRail, spray the keysticks in the area which contacts the springs with an oil-free Teflon lubricant. As a result, individual spring adjustments are improved. ”



 October Profile John Chapman RPT

John Chapman, RPT  is head technician at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, NC.  After a recent TouchRail installation there, he commented: “Every pianist who plays our university’s main concert instrument loves the extra control they have since we added the TouchRail.”

We are honored to welcome John as TouchRail Technical Representative at the upcoming Southeast Regional PTG Convention in Charlotte.  Look for him in class and at the TouchRail exhibit booth.


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