Pitch Lock String Couplers

Pitchlock Piano String Couplers:

Small metal bands which fit onto pairs of piano strings.Coupled strings influence one another to produce a single pitch, even if the 2 strings are not perfectly in tune. Through this physical property, known as coupled harmonic motion, PitchLock String Couplers can smooth out and improve tone wherever beat-producing frequencies exist. They are available in 2 widths- standard (shown on left) and extended width for accurate placement onto piano strings. PitchLock String Couplers leave no permanent marks on a piano and can be easily installed or removed.

V-bar Duplex Tuning:

Frequency coupling, as produced by PitchLock couplers, can be used to “tune”and improve noisy v-bar duplex resonance. By tripling the three duplex segments (see photo) within a single note, duplex tone clusters can be consolidated into a single pitch for each note. Furthermore, sliding the coupler group along the duplex string segment permits tuning of the newly formed duplex pitch to a consonant frequency. As a result, uneven V-bar noise can be refined without loss of tone color that occurs when duplex strings are muted off.

Bass String Tonal Allignment:

Copper-wrapped bass strings in acoustic pianos often contain irregularities in construction not found in plain wire treble strings. These metallic, dissonant sounds exist in virtually every piano and are particularly prevalent in bass notes with more than one string. Typically, these sounds cannot be removed through conventional tuning and voicing procedures. Since PitchLock couplers, align beat-producing frequencies, they can usually eliminate or minimize the presence of such noises within multi-string bass notes.

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