Remarkable Improvement for

Grand Pianos!

 The patented TouchRail  installs into virtually any grand piano*  without cutting or drilling,  to produce dramatically lighter and more consistent touch response.

 *Not recommended for upright pianos


How does a TouchRail work?

We custom manufacture each TouchRail to perfectly fit your piano.  Then, your piano technician installs the TouchRail and adjusts to suit your touch preference. Once installed, every key receives its own, precise  assistance spring force, reducing the amount of effort needed for the keystroke.  Raising or lowering the TouchRail changes the entire keyboard resistance.  Individually adjusting each note produces remarkable consistency, further enhancing the artist’s sense of control and effortless response.

The TouchRail is installed discreetly within the piano cabinet to provide a wide range of touch adjustments to both the whole keyboard and individual keys.

Artist preference:  what matters most.

Whether a child prodigy or senior beginner; whether, performing at church services or on the concert stage; all pianists are artists with their own unique preferences in piano touch and tone quality.

The TouchRail is the most versatile and affordable tool for matching a piano’s touch response to the  Artist’s touch preference .  Better yet, with the TouchRail, no adjustments are permanent .  Touch response can be changed, in minutes, and as often as required, to accommodate virtually any touch preference. Visit our testimonial list  to see how the TouchRail has satisfied hundreds of clients, worldwide.

The “key” to good piano touch is note-to-note consistency, within a preferred  range of resistance.  With the TouchRail,  keyboard touch adjustment is now easier and more flexible than ever!   It’s a powerful tool that can literally dial in just the right amount of touch weight to suit  your artistic preference.  .

 What is piano touch weight or touch response?

A fine grand piano, aside from sounding beautiful, possesses a unique, tactile sense of quality within its mechanical action.  This degree of resistance in the keys should be satisfying to the artist’s sense of touch and evenly distributed across the entire keyboard.  To achieve this perception of quality, piano manufacturers and technicians apply precise mechanical measurements and touch weight adjustments to each key of the instrument. This traditional process requires time and skill to produce a precision touch response.

NOTE: The TouchRail is not a substitute for basic piano maintenance.  Consult your piano technician to see if the TouchRail is right for your piano. 


An affordable solution

The TouchRail employs an elegant, simple design, permitting an average retail price of hundreds, rather than thousands of dollars.*  It’s so affordable that many experienced technicians now include TouchRail installations within their larger action  restoration projects.  And many TouchRails are being installed into new pianos as well.  This level of affordable adjustability has a wide range of applications.


*Retail pricing is determined by the installer.  PitchLock Inc. cannot offer retail pricing.

Every TouchRail is manufactured with high quality  materials including brass, stainless steel , wool felt and  anodized aluminum.

How do I order a TouchRail?

The TouchRail is designed to be installed by piano technicians, since the process requires specialized tools and skills.  An initial visit is required to collect measurements from your piano. This is often done during routine tuning service calls.  Then, an order is placed and your TouchRail is contructed from quality, calibrated materials to match the provided piano measurements.  Quick turnaround returns the completed TouchRail promptly, usually within 48 hours.  Then ,the TouchRail is installed and adjusted to your touch preference.  A typical installation requires only a few hours. Contact your technician today to feel the TouchRail Solution!

If you don’t currently have a piano technician in mind, click here to submit your zip code and receive a list of qualified technicians in your area.






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