Improved Repetition

Action Model with Tradition Key Lead Weight Photos on the left hand side show a conventional action with down weight of 49 grams.
Photo shows the removed lead weights. The lead weight by themselves weigh 51 grams. Actual Weight of  Lead them Selves
This is the same key with lead weights progressively removed and a TouchRail added to restore the original 49 gram down weight.

In the graph, down weight (blue), remains constant (49 grams) as a result of the TouchRail offsetting the reduced lead weights. The green line shows a dramatic increase in low key return force*.
The TouchRail- assisted key retains progressively (up to 20%) more low key return force than the lead weight key.

1. Key lead removal in new pianos can alter the warranty.
2. Lead is toxic. Use caution when handling key leads.

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