Touch Rail For Technicians


The Solution for Heavy Piano Touch Weight

Touch weight inspection after final installation

The TouchRail replaces the key stop rail in virtually any grand piano to provide substantial touch weight reduction. Adjust TouchRail height to change the entire keyboard, then dial in note-to-note consistency for each key with the micro adjusters. With a maximum range of nearly 20 grams* of down weight reduction, the TouchRail can make even the heaviest action feel lighter and more comfortable. With hundreds of TouchRails sold worldwide, many piano technicians, teachers, and pianists of all skill levels are enthusiastic about the new TouchRail!

With both macro and micro touch adjustment features, keys can be individually lightened and balanced to bring remarkable improvements to most any grand piano.

Each TouchRail is custom manufactured to match measurements taken from the piano. No cutting or drilling is required to install a TouchRail.

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Ordering Instructions

Designed for easy installation

A typical TouchRail installation can be completed in less than one hour. No cutting or drilling is required, so the piano remains in original condition. And no specialized tools are needed. If you can remove and install a key stop rail, you can install a TouchRail. Each one is custom manufactured to precisely fit measurements taken from the piano, assuring a hassle-free installation. Begin your order by visiting and printing our convenient measurement/order form.

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