TouchRail Ordering Instructions

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Move the original piano stop rail to a flat surface such as a table or bench top. Place a strip of matte finish, clear adhesive tape (Scotch brand Magic tape recommended) across the entire length of the stop rail top surface. Retain a hand length of excess tape at each end.

Record the Stop Rail Dimensions

  • With a pencil, trace the left and right outer edges of the stop rail onto the tape.
  • Carefully measure this left-right length of the stop rail with a tape measure and record this very important measurements at the far left end of the template and at the bottom of this measurement sheet.
  • Trace the circle of each fastener hole. Avoid breaking the tape surface.
  • Most stop rails are fastened to the key frame by wood screws at the ends and hex or disc nuts in the middle. Tape a sample of each fastener type onto the right end of the template. The samples will be returned with your completed order.

Record the Key Locations

  • Raise the stop rail lower nuts so that fastener posts do not punch through the tape template. With the stop rail back in the piano, trace a single line between each key onto the tape. These marks should accurately reflect the spacing and angles of the keys as they pass beneath the stop rail. Don’t forget the outer edges of each section.
  • Write the letter name of the first and last key at their location on the template.
  • Place a second layer of clear tape over the first layer to protect your marks.
  • Carefully remove the two layers of tape from the stop rail and loosely wrap the tape around two widely spaced fingers, making a loop. The template is ready to be mailed. Please use a sturdy, padded envelope and/or wrap the template in a paper towel

Record Piano Brand,  Model, Serial Number ,Stop Rail length
Are stop rail ends fastened with wood screws or disc nuts?
Is stop rail located in front or on top of key buttons? (Note: If original stop rail is on top of key buttons, TouchRail performance will be limited. Look for this on some Baldwin and Bosendorfer actions.)
Desired touch reduction range (if known) in grams

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