Here’s what many satisfied customers are saying about the TouchRail…

“Fantastic results, indeed! Although I had done an extensive regulation on the piano prior to this installation, the TouchRail added a dimension that could not be realized without this device… Thank you for developing this and offering it at a reasonable price.”   Douglas Gordon, Nashville, TN

“The piano is a joy to play…much easier now and my wrist pain has lessened substantially. ”                                             Dave Berke,  Massachusetts

“Kudos!  A great fit for this pro jazz  player and his piano with a 6:1 action ratio. ”                                                                    Jim Christopher RPT ,   San Mateo, California 

“I just got back from installing the TouchRail, and all went wonderfully. My client’s first words were “It’s like night and day.” I said that I was thrilled, to which he said that he was “more than thrilled.”  David Flanders  RPT   Wakefield, R.I. 

“The customer is satisfied and I am sure his students will appreciate it.”  George Stimpson, Toronto, Canada 

“My customer ] seemed to be very pleased. We were able to reduce [down weight] by at least 12 grams across the board and he was able to actually see the results as we measured each key. ” James Miller, Georgia

“The TouchRail arrived yesterday afternoon and I installed it. Your instructions were clear and concise…  This modification has made a tremendous difference in compensating for a set of heavy hammers that I hung last fall.  Thanks very much! ”                                               Wayne Kelso,  Ontario, Canada

“He really seemed happy with his new touch, especially since he missed the ease and lightness of an upright action. I expect to do a little tweaking over the coming weeks as he settles into it, but the system itself was truly innovative and delightfully simple to install and adjust.”  Holly Quigley,  Atlanta, Ga.

My technician installed the TouchRail yesterday on my piano and it’s really amazing how it has transformed the feel of the keyboard. We set it to a 40 g down weight for now and I may have it tweeked up a bit as I get used to it and play more–that weight is probably too light. Just wanted to say many thanks for developing it.   Michael Koch,  Atlanta Ga.

What a great invention!  I  have never played the piano with such expression before, it’s uncanny…  Thanks so much for a great invention!   Carl Johansen, California

“The piano was heavy in the first 1-2 mm of key travel, with touch weight at 53 grams. The TouchRail worked perfectly and the piano is much better than before. The artists are very happy now!” Florian Kamnik, Switzerland

“With both regulation and the TouchRail, the piano’s touch finally met his requirements. The Customer is now very happy with the feel of his rejuvenated Steinway. He was to the point of considering getting rid of the piano if the touch could not be corrected. A TouchRail is a whole lot less work and expense then re-leading keys, turbo-wippens or what ever else I could dream up to address the problem.”  John Ginter, Texas

“Thanks for your prompt service.  We are getting some real smiles with these Touch Rail installations.  Nice, nice invention. ”      Des Wilson,  RPT   California

“My client was extremely pleased with the results.  The Baldwin responded beautifully to the reduction in the touch resistance. The installation went very smoothly thanks to your excellent instructions and great engineering.  Keep up the good work. ”        Bill Edwards, RPT    Michigan

“The installation went well. The touch weight was reduced as promised. Thanks for the great product.” Dan Walsh, RPT Massachusetts

“I installed the TouchRail yesterday and you’re right it was fun and a great sucess!  Everything fit perfectly and the instructions were easy to follow.   The client was very happy…thanks for such a great idea!”  Candace Wilken, RPT  Tennesee

“I think [the TouchRail] is terrific!  There were no problems and the client is very happy.   I was able to reduce the down weight by 10 grams. ”   Greg Hollister  RPT,   Washington  

“I discovered that the hammers had never been tapered which explains the excessive down weight.  The TouchRail brought it from 64 to 54 grams,,,  now we have happy customers!”    Derek Furch,   Utah

“It’s a million dollar idea!  I’ve been struggling with a slightly heavier touch after the installation of new hammers in my piano.  Now, with the TouchRail, the action is lighter and more even.”    Francisco Renno,  Miami, Florida 

“It all turned out well, with a nice increase in repetition speed and much more evenness of touch weight.”  Lyle Wood  RPT,  Michigan 

“My client is thrilled with it, and I think he’s already sold one of his students on getting one. Everything installed nicely, and your class at the convention made it all very clear…. It’s proving to be an effective system.”   Elizabeth Heppler RPT,  Montana

“The Touchrail is a terrific device, and it has largely remedied the bane of every pianist’s existence: unevenness.  Indeed, I invited two friends (both of whom are professional pianists) to try out my newly-outfitted piano, and both noted immediately the lighter and more even touch… I would give the Touchrail an unqualified endorsement.”   Robert Hartwell, California

“After regulating and lubing knuckles and capstans, key pins,  friction went down some but weight was still above normal, 60 +. After the TouchRail it is much better.  The customer is an older man who does not have the strength in his hands he had in  the past…Thanks again for your help and a great product.  Just right for this piano.”  Evan Dunell, RPT  Connecticut

“The customer was beaming!  [The change in touch response] was night and  day… Thank you for  great tech support and a miracle product.”    Ruth Phillips, RPT,   Allied Piano, Pennsylvania

“In an institution, it is not unreasonable to say that many quality pianos will have multiple sets of hammers during their working life.    Some suggest that the traditional methods of key weight adjustment are appropriate each time a set is changed.  But with a  TouchRail fitted, the keyboard can have the down weight finely adjusted in less than half an  hour…and customized to a particular faculty requirement in real time as they sit with the technician….how cool is that?…faculty happy and money saved!”   Peter Sumner,  California

“The rail installed without any problems and after playing her older [piano] with a now much lighter touch, my customer said “I am so happy”!  Nice work, Scott.  [The TouchRail] makes us both look good!”   Mark Wisner, RPT   New Jersey

“The TouchRail system has been the perfect compliment to a newly rebuilt action of a vintage Steinway with a heavy action.  The touch is amazingly even with superb tone control.”     Al Thomas,  North Carolina

“My customer is thrilled with the change in his piano.  I believe the quote was something like “Oh my God-I can’t believe this is my piano!”  I checked in with him a few days ago to follow up, and he is still as delighted as when it was installed.” Dan West,  New Jersey

“She LOVED it…I was able to adjust the TouchRail to a point where she was happy playing the treble as well as the bass.  Great product.  Very good instructions.”   Mike Dugan, RPT   Missouri

“Today I installed my first TouchRail.  Wonderful!  It turned out much easier and faster than expected.”   Gaetan Perrin, RPT   Quebec

“Just installed the TouchRail on the Mason here in NC.  Really easy to do and feels great. Action needed some friction reduction and fine regulating but the Rail was the ticket.”    Bill Huesman, RPT  North Carolina

“They noticed the difference in the weight of the keys. The son plays classical and his hands don’t get as tired now.”  Rich Liptzin, New York

“[The TouchRail] put this action back to spec and evened out its inconsistencies…. Great product!”   Dave Hulbert, RPT , Wisconsin

“There were many smiles and they said “it is so easy to play now”…The action was an impossible 70 grams,,,so the regulation helped get the friction out but the TouchRail is what really lowered the resistance. It’s now at about 46 grams and even.”              Ray Breakall, RPT, Virginia.

“I have completed my first installation and [my client] is very happy… When [she] sat down to play (and she plays very,very well!) she immediately commented on the lower touch weight, and as she played she became more aware of the eveness of the touch as well.”   Taylor Mackinnon, RPT, Oregon

“He was very satisfied. Excellent quality product!”  Roy Berg, RPT, Minnesota

“The installation went fine. [My] customer was delighted to have a lighter touch at an affordable price.”  Rob Atinello, New Jersey

“The Installation on the Mason & Hamlin went well…intuitive and easy to follow.”   Paul Rattigan, Massachusetts

“I installed the TouchRail yesterday and my client is extremely happy…He played the third movement of the Appasionata and was beaming. He said he hasn’t ever been able to play that on his piano without pain and frustration.”  Jeannie Grassi, RPT, Washington

“The owner noticed the difference right away… This is a well thought out product, from the shipping container to the instructions.”   Danny Dover, RPT, Vermont

“Adding the TouchRail added a whole new and delightful range of dynamics on the p and pp side that was impossible to reach before.  Light and soft playing is suddenly possible and easy.”   Yoel Wilner, Republic of Panama

” I only had to play a few seconds to fall in love with this touch. It is fabulous,fabulous,fabulous!! I am blown away by the magnitude of the change. This was the icing on the cake. I love it!”   Ken Camper, Seattle, Washington

“I played for hours yesterday and the day before which is something I was previously not able to do. [The piano] is just as responsive as ever, just easier to play.” Ralph Caccese, Delaware

“Installation went great,,better than expected for my first go…I am looking forward to the next one.”  Britain Wilson, California

“The end results were great and the customer was very happy…[The TouchRail] did seem to really help this action.”  Andy Lyford, RPT, Virginia

“…The first thing I noticed right off was a significant improvement in control especially playing pianissimo. It was much more predictable and for that matter easier to play. I am really happy with the results.”    Lawrence Dickenson, Ontario

“I was very happy with the results I got with TouchRail. It totally matched my goals for that piano. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again and I will look for opportunities to tell my clients about it.”   David Weiss, RPT Virginia

“The piano is much nicer to play. The quality of the TouchRail is superb.”   Randy Woltz, RPT California

“The TouchRail  fit perfectly and works fine…It was very easy to install.”   Tom Nelson, West Virgina

“The down weight of our main concert instrument was too light and uneven. We re-leaded the keyboard to 55g down weight, and added the TouchRail so that in less than five minutes the down weight can be changed to 50g or 45g. The evenness and repetition were greatly improved, and pianists are delighted with the luxury of three down weight optons”.   John Chapman, RPT Wake Forest University, North Carolina

“It helped alot with my heavy down weight. It works great!”  Bill Yick, RPT ,Arkansas

“The TouchRail works well in combination with Precision TouchDesign. I’ll be recommending this to my installers as a High Performance Add On.”   David Stanwood, RPT Stanwood Piano Innovations, Massachusetts

“The [Touch]Rail worked out perfectly. The spring tension allowed for adjustability on either side of the desired nominal settings.”   Gary Fluke, Washington

“A practical solution to decreasing downweight without inhibiting upweight specifications. …Individual adjustment for each key produces extremely accurate results! My clients are thrilled! Particularly helpful with performance pianos. Pianists appreciate the flexibility of choosing their ideal keyweight. A wonderful and practical innovation that should be in the arsenal of all piano technicians.”   Arlan Harris RPT,MPT New York City

“Not only can one feel the difference but when you see it too using the weights it is really an impressive invention. Considering the cost and time of changing the touch weight of an action up until now this is a huge time saver and a significant cost benefit to the customer.”   Douglas Mahard, Piano technician, Connecticut

“The touch is very much lighter, feels no less consistent than before and the piano is a delight to play… I can play much softer,,, [and] also for longer periods of time without getting fatigued ”   Larry Lobel, RPT California

“The extreme evenness apparently accomplishes other positive by-products so that it is just so much more satisfying to play and get good results. I’m really excited about this thing!”   Lou Wallis, Pianist , Connecticut

“The ability to affect down weight more than up weight is like having your cake and eating it too!”   Mike Reese, RPT Alabama

“I think the TouchRail was the perfect solution for this customer. It took a normal feeling action and made it lighter for her without permanently changing the action. I like it.”   Brian Grindrod, New Hampshire

“Installation went fine …a definite improvement. Adding any amount of lead to the keys made for troublesome upweight. So the TouchRail REALLY helped…The design of the rail is simple and effective.”    Mark Bunker, RPT Minnesota

“Received, installed and beloved! [Fine touch weight reduction has always been a problem] and the TouchRail does it very well.”    Radek Baran, Remenyi Music, Ontario

“The customer was very pleased with the end results,,,I took off 10 grams and he was delighted.”    David Heidel, RPT Washington

“TouchRail arrived safely. Now fitted and adjusted to 50 grams. I think the biggest improvement is the total eveness of touch achieved”   David Smith, United Kingdom

“TouchRail saved my sanity and my Steinway”   Bill Sbrega Piano teacher, Massachusetts

“[The installation] went very well. The touch weight fell into place right where I’d hoped it would. The customer loved it.”         Steven James, RPT Wisconsin.

“It worked great…. I was able to even out my down weight throughout the entire keyboard …. practical ,well designed, economical and simple to install. Thank you.”   Ralph Cesaretti, New York

“[The TouchRail has] no increase of inertia,,, lightning-fast installation, no environmental risk, as well as a visual beauty and a great price!”   Michael Owens, RPT Pennsylvania

“Big Score! The owner of [the piano] will be writing a testimonial”  Lorlin Barber, RPT, Iowa

“I just installed one on an older D and am very impressed with the results…I was able to even out the touch weight throughout the entire keyboard. Weighing is now evened at 51 grams. Quite remarkable.”    Gerald Cousins, RPT West Chester University, Pennsylvania

“The TouchRail installation went smoothly…I’ve noticed that the piano is being selected for performance more often.”   Art Jones, RPT Settlement Music School, New Jersey

“[We] are utterly amazed at the resulting touch on my Mason and Hamlin Ampico grand! Not only does the touch feel better in regular playing, but also the player rolls play crisper and brighter. The facility and repetition are wonderful, and I am anxious to show it to a prospective customer later this month.”   Rand Reeves, RPT New York

“The TouchRail got me to the proper down weight without adding or removing any lead weights…The customer couldn’t believe the difference in the piano.”   Al Guecia, Allied PianoCraft, North Carolina

“The latest install went very well. The improvement was more than I had expected.”   Chris Dincher RPT, Robert M Sides Music CenterPennsylvania

“I love it. Really, it is exceptional,,, the “magic machine”. Now, I’m going downstairs to play!”   Bobbe Seibert, Anchorage Alaska

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