Felt Key PlugsPlug in Key

New felt key plugs are 100% wool felt cylinders that replace traditional wooden plugs.  Skip the hassle of dealing with glues, putties, or making plugs that don’t quite fit.  Available in 3 diameters (1/2”, 3/8” and 5/16”) and sold by the foot ( one foot covers approximately 23 keys).

More information on Felt Key Plugs here




A new addition to our Touch tool line up!

TouchScaleFullDesigned from the ground up by owner and innovator of PitchLock Inc Scott Jones RPT.  This tool is easy to use, compact, and makes key lead weight adjustment streamlined like none other.  The touchscale simulates stack weight on the rear of the key, making key lead adjustment much more convenient .  We also suggest our DialAPress as The perfect companion tool for  key weight adjustment and diagnosis.

More information on the TouchScale here




DIALaPRESS combines multiple pressing operations into one elegant tool. It easily extracts key leads, grand hammer shanks and action center pins, all in a compact, portable work station. It’s an invaluable tool for your shop or even on site during service calls.

DIALaPRESS will be featured in next month’s PTG Journal and will debut at the upcoming national convention in Chicago, July 10-14. The introductory retail price will be $325 plus shipping ($15 U.S, $45 International). DIALaPRESS is not yet available for sale to the public. But you can order in advance, using the attached order form.


More information on the Dial-a-Press Here

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